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The Current Landscape of Healthcare Staffing

Extremely Complex. Profitable for agencies. Expensive for Providers.

Over 88% of hospitals that adopted MSPs over the past 5 years report cost savings as their primary program goal. The bad news: these agency-based MSP programs are taking advantage of healthcare systems for their own gain.

Many agencies are publicly traded or private equity backed. Investors are seeking continuously growing profits, which are passed to the customer as cost.

Agencies Have High Profit Targets

Profit Seeking

To control the labor supply and fill orders, agencies will often rapidly raise rates to steal talent from healthcare systems, causing attrition and massive cost burdens.

Agencies Overbid To Compete


Agencies suffer from "tech spaghetti" - complex, dated, expensive-to-maintain enterprise systems, resulting in poor service and increased pass-through costs. 

Agencies Use Antiquated Enterprise Tech

Old Technology

Many agencies use market data to their advantage, not yours. Modern risk models can forecast high-impact events and inflate prices with increased demand.

Agencies Exploit Volatile Market Conditions


MSPs claim to lower rates, but merely stabilize them. MSPs like higher agency bill rates, as they're paid as a percentage of the overall charge.

Agencies Work With MSPs For Higher Commissions


Why Is ProFlex Better? Simplicity, Affordability, Transparency.

Local Talent

We Preserve Talent

ProFlex is your happy medium. We create a flexible talent pool from existing channels. Clinicians make more while you pay less.

Low Markups

We Keep Markups Low

Tallavera is focused on quality, transparency, and volume. We support margin compression through realistic rates and collaborative strategy.

Tech Invest

We Invest In Smart Tech

Industry-leading cloud software, proprietary AI/ML systems, integrations that actually work - we've invested millions so you don't have to.


We Partner, Not Sell

ProFlex is YOUR program, designed for your specific labor needs. If you need to change rates or contract durations, we're here to help.
Our Results

Returned Spending Authority to Healthcare Employers.

By keeping markups to 1/3 of traditional agencies, as well as maintaining talent localization and morale, ProFlex has made a real impact for healthcare systems.

Average Annualized Savings


Fill Rate Across Placements


Post-Placement Satisfaction Rate


My project-1 (3)
Your Capabilities, Day 1

ProFlex is industry leading staffing, strategy, and technology.

We build custom, fast-to-launch programs for our partners. With over 100 years of combined workforce management experience, our experts are your experts. 

Dynamic Sourcing

Powerful sourcing capabilities that provide transparency in pricing, market demand, peer performance, and more.

Strategic Planning

A ProFlex Program Success Team – who continuously build and nurture the partnership – that provides on-demand reporting, performance checkpoints, implementation support, and everything else to ensure success.

Employer-on-Record Services

Comprehensive Employer-on-Record services that provide short-term liability reduction across payroll, HR, and other critical back office functions.

Proprietary Technology

Full access to the ProFlex careStack, a suite of tools and software to automate your workflows, optimize your resource utilization, and reduce your dependency on outside agencies.

Schedule a ProFlex Success Call To Save Over 30% On Your Contingent Labor Costs.

Schedule a ProFlex consultation today, 100% risk free.

frequently asked questions about ProFlex

How do I know if ProFlex is right for us?

ProFlex was designed for healthcare systems that:

1. Have experienced significantly increased staffing spend over the past several years

2. Are struggling with ballooning bill rates

3. Are worried about future price increases from 3rd party agencies

4. Are unsatisfied with the current state of Managed Service Providers (MSP)

We were considering an MSP... how is this different?

MSPs blend multiple agencies to provide a single - but not necessarily low - contingent labor rate. They also maintain program control outside of your hospital, which reduces transparency and operational efficiency.

ProFlex internalizes control to provide cost savings and increase transparency. It’s also faster to deploy than an MSP and tends to be more customizable.

How much can we expect to save?

Relative to traditional MSPs, ProFlex partners typically see between 25% and 40% in annual contingent labor savings. However, depending on the total number of services moved internally (e.g., VMS) total program savings may be more.

What fees are associated with ProFlex?

Healthcare providers only pay a flat, controlled markup predetermined with their ProFlex success team. Occasionally, for highly custom work with long lead times, there may be expenses with custom process implementation, large marketing campaigns, or implementation with 3rd party technology platforms.

We’d like to try and staff ourselves... can Tallavera help?

ProFlex is Step 1 of building an internal agency for your healthcare system. We provide a blueprint to help map your internal controls, long-term strategy, technology plan, and more. Whether you want 100% client-managed or a Tallavera-supported program, we offer full flexibility and transparency.

Workforce Strategy That Works.